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board policy 7380: care prompts district to post updated policy

board policy 7380 revised: retirement medical benefits protected:  march 2017

care's approach to advocacy  december 2016

2006-2007 care advocacy re: retiree medical benefits  spring 2007


board policy 7380: care prompts district to post updated policy

by bill threlfall
july 2017

as described in the article below, on february 21, 2017, as part of the consent calendar, the trustees approved item 9.2, approval of revised governing board policy 7380 ?human resources: retiree health benefits.

however, in early july, care was surprised to find the unrevised 2015 policy posted on the official clpccd index of active board policies and administrative procedures!  we brought this problem to the attention of district management and the unions and requested correction.  on july 19, 2017, the district posted the revised policy approved by the trustees.

this episode highlights care's vigilance on behalf of its members.


board policy 7380 revised: retirement medical benefits protected

by bill threlfall

in february of 2017, board policy 7380 was revised by the district board of trustees, correcting flaws that had threatened long-established retirement health benefits. this action marks the culmination of a nearly year-long effort initiated by care in march of 2016 and joined by the faculty and classified unions a few months later. prior to this revision, the policy contained critical defects: it provided medical retirement benefits only for faculty and no one else, and it required that no one else, and it required that retirees pay the full costs of such benefits. the revised policy includes language developed by care that corrects these faults.

we are proud of this successful outcome, which we consider a "big deal" in the interests of our members. we consider protection of retirement benefits to be a top priority.

we are also proud of the alliance we built with the unions. the faculty union in particular was an energetic partner whose significant contributions were essential to success.

view the full story of how care's vigilance and advocacy paid off for retirees 

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care's approach to advocacy explained

by bill threlfall
by bill threlfall
december 2016

is care a union? it is important to emphasize that care is not a union and does not have standing under california law to negotiate with the district in any matter. nevertheless, we are your advocate.

are retirees "represented"? retirees are no longer "unit members" and are not represented by the clpccd faculty or classified unions. still, union contracts covering current unit members may contain provisions mandating benefits to be provided after retirement.

how does care engage in advocacy?

  • temu reviews 2023.  we are attentive observers of events that affect our members' interests, keeping an eye on actions by the clpccd trustees.

  • temu reviews 2023.  we work diligently to protect members' interests, using information sharing and communication with institutional leaders.

  • temu reviews 2023.  when issues involve both retirees and active employees, we may partner with the faculty and classified unions to present a unified voice. this is the collaborative approach we have taken in the bp7380 matter described above.  

  • temu reviews 2023


2006-2007 care advocacy re: retiree medical benefits

by bill threlfall
january 2007

clpccd logoon january 23, 2007, after consultation with legal counsel and an actuarial analysis of future costs, the district announced a decision not to change existing benefits for retirees who were hired before certain specified dates.  read the chancellor's letter affirming the continuation of existing benefits

during the months preceding the district's decision, the care board took an active role in monitoring developments and defending the current status of retiree medical benefits. 

we are pleased that care was able to provide information to help address retiree rights issues in a professional manner, enlightening the district抯 board of trustees as to the effect their decisions have on the financial and health care interests of retirees.

this sort of persistent and professional advocacy is particularly important for retirees, who are officially unrepresented by collective-bargaining unions.

the hayward daily review covered the district's 2007 decision and care's role in the process.  read chabot retirees dodge cuts in health care: district board says cost analysis supports guarantee of lifetime medical benefits hayward daily review, february 2, 2007.

read the care president's letter of appreciation to the clpccd board regarding the outcome of the health benefits issue.

read the care president's letter to the clpfa president regarding representation on the health benefits issue.



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