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what is care?

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what is c.a.r.e.?

c.a.r.e, the chabot-las positas association of retired employees, was recognized in 1985 by formal motion of the trustees of the chabot-las positas community college district as an independent, adjunct retiree organization.  further, the board "recognized the social, intellectual, and collegial significance of care to retired district employees..." 
view minutes of the march 19, 1985 clpccd board of trustees meeting.

purposes. this is a collegial organization whose primary purpose is to serve the economic and social interests of its members as provided by its constitution and by-laws.

membership. all persons awarded the status of "retirement" by the clpccd trustees shall be members of care. no fees or payment of any kind are required for membership.  however, members may be asked to pay annual dues to defray the costs of publishing the newsletter and other costs of representing and communicating with the membership.

benefits of membership

care provides the following benefits to its members:

  • advocacy and public voice...  care provides information and leadership to help address retiree rights issues in a professional and enlightened way. retirees are officially unrepresented in collective bargaining, unlike currently-employed instructional and classified staff.  care抯 advocacy includes vigilant observation of actions by the clpccd trustees that affect our members' interests. in addition, we work diligently to protect those interests by enlightening the district抯 management and board of trustees about  the effect their decisions may have on the financial and health care interests of retirees. finally, when issues involve both retirees and active employees, we may partner with the faculty and classified unions to present a unified voice.

  • newsletter... we publish a periodic newsletter to keep you up to date.

  • website... we supplement the newsletter with a website for additional information.

  • social connection & member directory care provides opportunities to keep in touch with each other.

  • annual reunion... each year, we provide opportunities to participate in a reunion and other social activities.

  • the care fund... care administers a charitable fund designed to provide an extra measure of support to education in the chabot-las positas community college district. 

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?007 c.a.r.e.

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