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vaccine payments under medicare plans  february 2017

ancestral supplements fake reviews  april 2016

open enrollment questions - a care tool for comparing benefits  may 2013

retirement benefits provisions of new clpccd faculty contract  winter 2011

the transition to medicare advantage plans at age 65 for strs retirees   fall 2009


archive of benefits-related documents, letters and media stories

  calstrs article on windfall elimination provision and government pension offset
  district chancellor's letter announcing retiree health benefits decision, 1/23/2007
  district chancellor's letter to clpfa and seiu regarding retiree benefits 1/19/2007
  clpfa president's letter regarding retiree benefits 2/5/2007
  care president's letter to clpccd board re: health action, 1/29/2007 
  care president's letter to clpfa president re: health action, 2/22/2007
  hayward daily review article re: health action, 2/2/2007
  care president's letter to chancellor re: retiree benefits not negotiable 9/21/1997
  letter from reed buffington, retired sup-president, re: retiree benefits 2/4/1993
  clpccd board minutes re: retiree benefits (referenced in above letter) 1974-1975


advocacy articles
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board policy 7380: care prompts district to post updated policy

board policy 7380 revised: retirement medical benefits protected:  march 2017

care's approach to advocacy  december 2016

2006-2007 care advocacy re: retiree medical benefits  spring 2007


member services and information
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health connection line - a service for those with health concerns

a visit to the district office - a map and pictorial guide

parking passes for care members

care book fund at chabot

retiree statistics: retirement date, state/city of residence 2019

chabot campus tour for care members spring 2010


resource links

chabot icon chabot college 

president's reports to the board of trustees
student newspaper - spectator
staff directory


lpc logo las positas college 

current lpc connection - president's monthly report
student newspaper - lpc express
staff directory


chabot-las positas ccd

chabot federal credit union

calstrs local benefits planning offices

calpers regional offices

california retired teachers association

transparent california (public pension & salary records)
       clpccd strs pensions 2015
       clpccd pers pensions 2015


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