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CARE Bylaws


The principal offices of this organization shall be established by the Board of Directors.

The affairs of C.A.R.E. shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the five principal officers and 16 persons elected as directors. Except as specifically directed otherwise by the Constitution or a majority of the members assembled, the Directors shall have the full authority to conduct the business affairs and take all other actions to further the welfare of the members.

All retirees from the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District shall be members. As provided in the Constitution, membership includes the member's spouse or partner. Membership continues for the surviving spouse or partner after the death of the member.

At its discretion, the Board of Directors may grant an Honorary Life Membership to an individual in recognition of outstanding contributions to C.A.R.E.  Honorary members shall (1) be retired but not from this District, (2) have been employees of the District and (3) be recognized for commendatory service to the District and its colleges.

When a member of the Board departs the Board after giving many years of meritorious service to C.A.R.E. and its members, the Board may, at its discretion, grant to that member the title of "Director Emeritus".

When an individual, who is not a member of C.A.R.E., provides meritorious support and contributions to the Association, the Board, at its discretion, may grant to that person the honorary title "C.A.R.E. Associate". An Associate (1) need not to be retired, (2) may or may not be an employee of the District or of a College, (3) may attend C.A.R.E. meetings and activities but without voting privileges.

No fees or payment of any kind may be required as a condition of membership, however members will be asked to contribute annual dues to defray the costs of printing and mailing the newsletters and other costs of representing and communicating with the members.


A. The Officers and Directors of C.A.R.E. shall consist of

1. The President
2. The Vice President
3. The Secretary-Historian
4. The Treasurer
5. The Immediate Past President

1. The C.A.R.E. Fund Manager
2. The Newsletter Editor
3. Assistant Newsletter Editor
4. The Health Benefits Director
5. The Retirement Consultant Director
6. The Activities Director
7. The Communications Director
8. District Liaison Director
9. Chabot College Liaison Director
10. Las Positas Liaison Director
11. Director at Large
12. Director at Large
13. Director at Large
14. Director at Large
15. Director at Large
16. Director at Large

The Board of Directors shall maintain a description of the expected duties and responsibilities for each of the Officer and Director positions.


(1) Elections shall be held at any meeting of the membership upon the call of majority of the members present or of the Board of Directors. The election shall be held at that meeting or subsequently as may be determined. No one may be nominated without his/her consent. The Board may fill vacancies that may occur mid-term. Such appointments will be confirmed at the next meeting.

(2) Officers and Directors shall serve until their successors are elected or until they resign.

The Board and President may create any and all committees, standing and ad hoc, at their discretion.

The C.A.R.E. Constitution states as one of its purposes giving assistance to the District and the Colleges. One means is through financial assistance, therefore a fund to be known as the CARE FUND will be established as a responsibility of the Board of Directors. The Board will appoint one Director to serve as the C.A.R.E. Fund Manager. The Board shall establish a "Financial Policy" to guide the management of the fund. A corpus account will be established within the District Foundation. Income for the Fund will be raised by encouraging a variety of donations from the membership and from the dividends and capital gains received through investments. The Fund shall be audited annually by an outside auditor. Donations from the Fund will be made through the District Chancellor for specific purposes as established by the Board of Directors.

Meetings of the membership shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors except that one general membership meeting must be called annually at the time and place set by the Board of Directors. Written notice of the Annual Meeting shall be provided each member at least fourteen days prior to the date.

C.A.R.E. is a voluntary, informal organization, Meetings shall be conducted by the presiding officer striving to achieve consensus through informal procedures. When more formal parliamentary procedures are needed, they shall be used in order to facilitate orderly and effective progress in the business of C.A.R.E. Under no circumstances may parliamentary procedures be used to impede or impair such orderly and effective progress. The parliamentary code that shall govern the operation of C.A.R.E. shall be the latest edition of Sturgis' Parliamentary Procedure.

A quorum of the membership shall consist of those present at a regularly called meeting. A quorum of the Board shall consist of any five members of the Board of Directors.

Amendments to the By-Laws shall be made by a majority of the membership at a regularly called meeting.

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