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The CARE Fund

The CARE Fund is our organization's vehicle for charitable contributions to the colleges. The CARE Fund began with a balance of zero but with active participation of members donating, the Fund is now strong but needs additional donations to fulfill its purpose.

The Fund's funds are professionally managed and are invested in stock and bond mutual funds to provide diversity, safety and income. That income, along with the contributions of members, provides the basis of grants to each of the colleges. In the past four years alone, we have awarded $11,429 to 21 successful grant applications. Of course, the larger the CARE Fund is, the greater the earnings and the larger the distribution to the colleges can be.

This is an appeal for you to open your checkbook and make a donation to the CARE Fund. As both the Federal and State governments are cutting back on the support of public education at all levels, it is critical that the private sector (that's you) help to fill the funding gaps. Please support the CARE Fund and be as generous as you can.

Thank you.
Bob Wiseman, C.A.R.E. Fund Manager


2007 C.A.R.E.

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