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2021 Newsletter

Newsletter IconOur special 2021 Newsletter is devoted to the District's new
OPEB Irrevocable Trust
.   What's that, and why should you care?  The article and interview in the newsletter will explain. Although the topic sounds complicated and perhaps worrisome, it is a matter of importance to the fiscal stability of our District and is good news for every retiree who is eligible for District-paid medical benefits.

Also, catch up on new retirements and other member news.

Look for this issue in your mailbox or read it now here:

  View 2021 Newsletter 


CARE Advocacy

As exemplified in the Board Policy 7380 case, CARE is your advocate. For more,

Read about CARE's Approach to Advocacy>

Map thumbnailA Visit to the District Office - a map and pictorial guide

Do you need to visit the District Office and perhaps meet with the Human Resources Department Benefits staff?  We provide a
brief guide with photographs.


CARE Member Directory

Envelope ImageAre there retirees you wish to reach, but you lack their contact information?  Would you like other CARE members to be able to reach you?

See our member directory.  Learn how to join.

CARE Membership and 2022 Dues

CARE extends membership to all retirees without charge, but we depend entirely on your $10 dues payments to support our programs of activity on your behalf

If you have not already done so, please print the 2022 dues form  and make your $10 contribution now.  Thanks for your support! 


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