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Award Winners: CARE Fund Special Projects Grant Program

CARE is proud to direct resources from the CARE Fund to the award winners of the Special Projects Grant Program.  Our aim is to help improve service delivery at the colleges!  View winning proposals and their outcomes below.

2019-2020 Award Winners

Awards totaled $2,557.
Winning proposals are listed by submitting college:

Clery: Collecting, Classifying, and Counting Reference (full award) Outcomes
FRESH Food & Life Pantry Shelving(full award) Outcomes
Audio Support for El Centro Students(full award)
Welder Visibility Project(full award)  
  Las Positas   
Clery: Collecting, Classifying, and Counting Reference(full award) Outcomes
Women Veterans Outreach Exhibit(partial award)  

2018-2019 Award Winners

Awards totaled $2,498.
Winning proposals are listed by submitting college:

CIN! Table Cloth Banner(full award) Outcomes
Community Oral Health Projects(full award) Outcomes
Communication Studies Display Supplies(partial award) Outcomes
Loaner Graphing Calculators(partial award) Outcomes
Lego Design & Creativity Workshops(partial award)  
CalWorks PARENTS Mobile Children's Cart(full award) Outcomes
Periodic Table for Studying(full award)       Outcomes
Technology to Increase Math Tutoring Success(partial award) Outcomes
Headphones for Computer Labs in tutoring Center(partial award) Outcomes
  Las Positas   
Disposable Earplugs for Library Students(full award) Outcomes
More Eco-Friendly Reusable Markers(full award) Outcomes
Master Class Series(partial award) Outcomes

2017-2018 Award Winners

Awards totaled $2,624.
Winning proposals are listed by submitting college:

Women's Studies Program Standing Banner(full award) Outcomes
WRAC Improvement: Couch + Banner(partial award) Outcomes
STEM Center Tutor T-shirts (partial award) Outcomes
  Las Positas   
HSI Gateway to Success Calculator Loaner Program(partial award) Outcomes
Sandtastik Clean Dust-free Sand(full award) Outcomes
Reading Books for ESL Students(full award) Outcomes
Models for Human Biology(partial award) Outcomes
Career Hub Job Seeker Engagement(partial award) Outcomes

2016-2017 Award Winners

Awards totaled $2,775.
Winning proposals are listed by submitting college:

Biology Here and There(full award) Outcomes
Learning Connection Marketing Materials(partial award) Outcomes
Increasing Student Access to Graphing Calculators (partial award) Outcomes
  Las Positas   
DegreeWorks In-office Display(full award) Outcomes
Upgrading Winery Sanitation Tools & Protocols(full award) Outcomes
Updated USGS Topo Map Collection(full award) Outcomes
Interactive Learning Tools & Aids(full award) Outcomes

2015-2016 Award Winners

Awards totaled $3,045.
Winning proposals are listed by submitting college:

Communication Lab Signs(full award) Outcomes
"Mindset" Theory & Tutor Training(full award) Outcomes
Creating Instructional Videos with Camtasia (full award) Outcomes
  Las Positas   
Veteran's Writing Project(full award) Outcomes
Difficult-to-Source Rocks & Minerals(full award) Outcomes
Vessel Topping System(full award) Outcomes
Creative Accounting Teaching Methods(full award) Outcomes
Research Supplies for Plant Water Use Experiments(full award) Outcomes
Women's Basketball Cart (partial award) Outcomes

2014-2015 Award Winners

Awards totaled $3,929:

Screencasts: Technology Support for DE Courses(full award - Chabot) Outcomes
Let's Get Organized(full award - Las Positas) Outcomes
Storage and Reference Textbooks for Cadaver Lab(full award -LPC) Outcomes
Business Services Guide(full award - District Office) Outcomes

2013-2014 Award Winners

Awards were $1,500 per college. 
Winning proposals are listed by submitting college:

Dental Hygene Community Outreach(full award) Outcomes
Collection of Children's Books(partial award) Outcomes
Children's Garden Center Project   (partial award) Outcomes
  Las Positas  
CalWORKs Children's Play/Waiting Area(full award) Outcomes
Cabinet for Fossil Quiz Materials  (full award) Outcomes
Free Standing White Boards for Tutorial Center   (partial award) Outcomes
ESL Extensive Reading Library   (partial award) Outcomes

2012-2013 Award Winners

Awards were increased in our second year of operation. 
Winning proposals are listed by submitting college:

Community Outreach RAM(partial award) Outcomes
Student Health 101 Digital Wellness Magazine(partial award) Outcomes
  Las Positas  
Reading and Writing Center Dry Erase Sign and Banner(full award) Outcomes
Fermentation Room Temperature Control System Support(full award) Outcomes
Operation Whiteboard Erasers(partial award) Outcomes
Refillable Auspens for Tutorial Center (partial award) Outcomes

2011-2012 Award Winners

We received 30 proposals in our first year of operation, and were able to fund four:

Back up Hard Drive(full award - Las Positas) Outcomes
Clear boxes for Display Minerals(full award - Las Positas) Outcomes
Taking Note of Foreign Languages(partial award - Las Positas) Outcomes
Transfer Student Web Services(partial award - Las Positas) Outcomes



2007 C.A.R.E.

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